Friday, October 9, 2009

Character Appearance

1. His hands were huge and steady, not even close to innocent, as he reached forward to shake the hand of his opponent.

2. The tiny leotard fit her perfectly, showing off her perfect figure that she had never before bothered to expose. She looked similar to everyone else on the stage- her hair pulled up in a tight bun and her eyes glittering with make-up.

3. Soon the sky would be able to pass for black- but for now it was a deep, aquatic blue. A man sat in an alleyway, his black hoody pulled fully over his face. His eyes never strayed from the ground, but even still he was conscious of the darkness pulling over. The darkness that would hide his trail of greed.

An exercise I did out out of a writing book from the library. Can anyone guess who/what they are?
I'm going to try and update more regularly now- thanks everyone for the comments!


  1. I'm guessing:

    1: drug dealer
    2: ballerina girl in a show
    3: jail breaker/ murderer?

  2. I can't guess, but I love these! What a great exercise. Keep it coming!

  3. Drug dealer?! I guess I'm really going to have to work on my character appearance skills.. the first was supposed to be a professional boxer. You guessed the second one right. It's a dancer. Third was supposed to be a burglar.

    I decided to buy the book off amazon. ^.^

  4. haha. Well. It's pretty good though. I don't think I could do much better. :)